Upload Items to a Secure Folder

Suggested naming of files:


You  can select one or more files at a time to upload.

Using short, simple, and meaningful names will help when referencing the documents. Consistently using only lowercase letters and dashes (vs. underlines) as separators will also help reduce invalid references.

Use “clubhousereservations.pdf” for Clubhouse Reservations.
Use “wwdirectory.pdf” for residents’ directory.

The file upload page is only available for authorized users.

Your path to the uploaded documents will be

where the x is replaced with the filename.
Upper case and lower case characters are significant, so X.pdf and x.pdf are two different documents. It is suggested to always use lower case for sake of simplicity (i.e rename files before uploading).

Example: In order to reference a file 20150721-minutes.pdf, use